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4207 SE Woodstock Blvd. Ste 238
Portland , OR  97206

+ ** P L E A S E READ Below -- Now Office by APPOINTMENT --- No longer an "open door" shop (for now). ----- EMAIL or CALL -. THANKS! -- Look ABOVE for INVENTORY link, to SEE what WE HAVE -- * CLICK photos too ENLARGE them *. --------- CALL or EMAIL to ORDER -------- =============================== UP-D A T E ! --- We are NOW an OFFICE, for meeting YOU (by appointment usually) to see that FINE, DESIRABLE GUITAR you've always wanted! We SPECIALIZE in USA made (some European, and other) GUITARS of "Classic design" (ya know, Les Pauls, Strats and Teles, archtop, acoustic, semi hollow) GIBSON-FENDER-GRETSCH-RICKENBACKER-MARTIN TAYLOR-HOFNER-DANELECTRO-SUPRO-MARSHALL etc 503 238 GITR --------------------------------------------------------------------- ***CLICK photos to OPEN & ENLARGE -- EMAIL or CALL; we are often FAST GETTING BACK!^^ Doors are no longer a "shop", but APPOINTMENTS are HAPPENING! So don't hesitate to contact us! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ We have been buying and selling Guitars and related "stuff" since early 1970's. WE DO NOT BEND THE TRUTH; on that you can depend! THIS IS SOMETIMES NOT A COMPLETE LIST OF OUR STOCK. ---- Phone 503 238-GITR (4487). ---- email us at ----

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